You Have an Idea...

But what about the plan?

Are you excited to plan a longer outdoor trip but overwhelmed by all of the logistics? Join Rounded Adventurer for a comprehensive yet accessible course on how to plan your next expedition.

The course uses sea kayaking as the mode of travel, but the information can be easily applied to any expedition type in any location.

Get Out There!

Don't let a lack of experience keep you home. The Trip Planning 101 course is designed to get you started in on dreaming big and planning your own adventure.

With exercises that encourage reflection on previous experience and skills, short and long-term goal-setting, and intentional focus on the stumbling blocks that often keep people from ever getting started, you will walk away from the course with a trip plan that can be put into effect immediately.

Walk away from the course with tools and plans including:

  • Online trip planning resources
  • Risk management
  • Trip planning forms
  • Map, route planning, and navigation guides
  • Permitting
  • Equipment and clothing

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to Trip Planning 101

    • Introduction

    • Course Overview

  • 2

    Theory: Adventure and Learning

    • Adventure Model

    • Learning from Experience

    • Reflecting on Past Experiences - Downloadable Form

  • 3

    Vision: Where do you want to go?

    • Introduction to Vision Chapter

    • Setting Goals

    • Personal Story: Expedition Success with Goal Setting

    • Exploring Online Resources for Trip Planning

    • Homework Prompt 1: Planning for Your Adventure

    • Resources for Trip Planning

    • Homework Prompt 2: Setting Goals

  • 4

    Skills: Inventory and Risk Assessment

    • Introduction

    • Risk Management

    • Outdoor Skills Inventory

    • Download: Resources for Gaining Outdoor Skills

    • Download: Skills Inventory Questionnaire

    • Analyzing an Accident Report

    • Management of Risk Before the Trip

    • Creating a Trip Form

    • Download: Fillable Trip Planning Form

    • Managing Risk During the Trip

  • 5

    Maps and Route Planning

    • Maps and Route Planning Overview

    • Backcountry Navigation

    • Online Mapping

    • Route Planning

    • Introduction to Permits

    • Permitting

  • 6

    Clothing and Equipment

    • Equipment and Clothing

    • Suggestion Outdoor Equipment and Clothing List

    • Gear Check for the Lake Superior Trip

  • 7

    Course Closing and Reflection

    • Congratulations!

Course Details

  • Planning Ahead

    • Creating a Plan
    • Risk Consideration and Mitigation
    • Sklls Inventory
  • Find Your Way

    • Backcountry Navigation
    • Online Mapping Tools
    • Route Planning and Permitting
  • Equipment

    • Gear Considerations and Acquisition
    • Example Packing List

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